General Meeting -2019


The Annual General Meeting-2019 (AGM No. 22) of France Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIFB) was held on Wednesday, 17th June, 2020 at 4:10pm using the virtual platform -Zoom. It was followed by the Extraordinary General meeting which was held on the same day.
The AGM was called to order by the President of the Chamber Mr. Maruf Alam to read out the agenda since the necessary quorum for the meeting has been fulfilled.

The Executive Director of the Chamber read out the announcement of the following Office Bearers of the Executive Committee for the term 2020-2022 which was circulated among the members on March 22, 2020 via email.

Mr. Syed Mahmudul Huq President

Mr. Md. Moshiur Rahman Sr. Vice President

Ms. Jordane CATHALA Vice President

Mr. Md. Shafquat Matin Treasurer

The new President of the Chamber Mr. Syed Mahmudul Huq shortly discussed the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in business and country’s business outlook for the next year.

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