For French companies

If you are looking for extending your business in Bangladesh, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industries is the place where you can get help and suggestions. We are here to provide different types of services in different fields such as realizing market studies, finding distributors for your company and lobbying with the decision makers.

Market studies

• Analysis of your competitors and their products
• Find your potential clients and their specific needs
• Analysis of the legal and administrative environment
• Clarify the market structure for your product
• Identify the obstacles, local issues and solutions
• Create an accurate strategy and ideas to implement your project

Finding distributors

• Assessment of the price structures (taxes, trade margins)
• Meeting with potential distributors
• Provide service to start up a company
• Introduce to accountants, lawyers
• Provide a temporary office for new companies
• Implementation and product launch with monitoring

Lobbying with the decision maker

• Identify the political and social issues
• Identify decision makers and decision making processes
• Building a network with governments and administrations
• Informing, convincing the decision makers

Other activities of the CCIFB: