General info about Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known to be one of the most populated country with an estimated population of more than 160 million.

Covering about 580 km of coastline along the Bay of Bengal, the country is facing since many years trouble with flooding. This is due to the number of rivers in the country and the fact that most of the habitable areas are found on a delta, formed by the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers.

Warm weather is found year-round throughout Bangladesh, with not many changes. January seems to be the coolest month while May tends to be one of the warmest. Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate which last from May to October with destructive cyclones. The cyclones cause many deaths and destruction.

Bangla or Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. The script comes from Sanskrit and over 98 percent of the population speaks this as their first language. English is the second language of the country. Most of the official documents can be found in both Bangla and English.

The literacy rate is poor in the country compare to other countries (57.7%) which needs to be improved.

However we notice that more and more families are willing to send their child to school. They are more and more interested in higher degrees. Bangladesh also encourages the students by giving them scholarship and study abroad.

Since many years Bangladesh is developing itself thanks to the private entrepreneur. Indeed sectors such as textile, denim, pharmaceutical, leather, agriculture and many more are making Bangladesh proud in other countries and are the key to business expansion of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh in brief

Government type: parliamentary democracy
Official language: Bangla is the official language; English is commonly spoken
Religion: Muslim majority (90 %), Hindu (9 %), Christian and Buddhists
Capital: Dhaka
Population: 163 million (2016)
Population density: 1 124.7 inhabitants /km² Population
Growth rate: +1.2%
Life expectancy: 71 years old (2015)
Currency: Bangladeshi Taka (BDTk)

Economics in brief

GDP (2013): 140,2Md USD
GDP per capita (PPP) (2012): $2,100
GDP growth rate: 6.6% (2015)
Inflation rate: 6.2% (2015)
Unemployment rate: 4.36%