On November 11, 2015 Spectra has proudly signed a contract with the French company Thales Alenia Space. It will be the first Bangladeshi geostationary communications satellite operated by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

The objective of this satellite project is to provide self-sufficient satellite services to emerging communication and IT sectors in Bangladesh and countries under its coverage that include south East Asia to Middle East.

Facts and Figures
Bangladesh will be the 54th country to own a satellite. This is a turnkey geosynchronous satellite system with 40 transponders, 26 Ku band and 14 C bands include all associated ground subsystem.Four companies participated for the bid Thales Alenia Space (TAS) from France, Great Wall Industry Corporation from China, Orbit ATA from USA and MDA from Canada. Finally TAS is awarded the work being recommended by BTRC Technical Evaluation Committee as techno- commercially best responsive bidder.

The project value is approximately $245 million. TAS will get two year time to launch the satellite.

It will be launched in the orbital slot at longitude 119.1 degree east and expected to start operating right after launch. It will be launched from Florida, USA by SpaceX, USA.
Expected Launching date is December 16, 2017, on the occasion of 45th anniversary’s victory in Liberation war. Expected start of operation is after launching the satellite.

This offer is 62% guaranteed by French public finance company COFACE. 100% of this satellite will be made in France.Two ground stations have been selected, primary one is in Gazipur and backup one is in Betbunia, Rangamati.

This iconic project opened the new corridor between Bangladesh and EU for future cooperation.

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